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Jamie has extensive experience in the Caravan and RV repair industry. An avid Caravanner who enjoys travel. Passionate about excellent customer service and quality work. Jamie originally started out doing small mobile repairs more than 15 years ago. The demand became great enough that he required more space and embarked on starting a larger business focusing on workshop related repairs. Successfully running the workshop business for the next 13 years. Wanting a change Jamie sold the workshop and has revisited his original plan of servicing his customers in the mobile environment. Jamie is experienced in all areas of RV and Caravan repair, performing complete Rebuilds, Accident repair, Cabinet fabrication, Sheet metal work, Welding, Fabrication, Plumbing, Diesel Heating systems, Solar 12v power, Chassis and Suspension work and general service works. He was a factory repair agent for Jayco, Coromal, New Age, Kimberley Kampers, Webasto, ROMA, La Vista,
Retreat, Thetford and many more.

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